Engine Servicing

We are a knowledgeable and experienced team with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Much of the work we do is at our riverside workshop here in Caversham. With the addition of a new larger building we now have increased our undercover work and storage space as well as hard standing area outside for a number of boats.

There is a large crane onsite for lifting boats and of course we have our own hoists for removing and fitting engines in the workshop. We carry a full and up to date range of specialist tools and computer diagnostic kits. The test tank is in constant use to ensure that all engines are running as we would expect them to. (capacity of 50 HP) Along with Mercury outboards we can also service: Honda outboards, Yahmaha outboards, Tohatsu and Sukuzi outboards.

It is very important to note that the engine service is done in line with the warranty, this will mean it needs to be carried out on an annual/hourly basis and before the renewal date. Please note is that we do have to take the boat out of the water to do the service, so here are the options available to you:

Portable Engines

The quickest and easiest way to get a service done is to bring the engine into our workshops here in Caversham. Please call or e mail us to make arrangements for your engine.

Trailerable Boats

For owners of small and medium size boats we offer the option of you bringing your craft into the boatyard with the engine attached, this will allow us access to all the parts of the engine necessary for a full service.

Mobile Servicing

We are regular visitors to the local marinas, boat yards and clubs where we carry out engine: services, installations and some repairs. We have a mobile workshop with all of the tools and materials required to carry out a full and professional job. Just let us know the best location for you and we will work together on organising for your boat to be taken out of the water.

Crane and Lifting Service

A lift and hold service is available at our Caversham workshops. For more complex servicing a lift and chock facility is also available. Pressure washing and anti-foul services can be carried out at our site.

You will fully understand that we do get very busy as the season opens and the weather brightens. We do our best to fit everybody in but during these peak periods there can be a short wait to get your engine checked in.

We operate primarily but not exclusively in the Thames Valley and have clients in many locations including: Reading. Maidenhead, Henley, Windsor, Marlow, Bray, Eton, Abingdon, Oxford and London.

Booking early is always best, out of season is even better!

Fuel problems experienced with outboard motors:

Due to the change of chemicals in petrol today, petrol has a much shorter life span than it did years ago when lead in petrol acted as a preservative. Link that with the fact that modern engines have much finer jets in the carburettors to meet current government emission regulations.

To help keep your outboard motor running trouble free here are some do’s and do not’s.

  1. If possible, get your petrol from the petrol station in the outboard tank. Do not use jerry cans which may be contaminated and do not use the funnel that has been collecting dirt in the bilge of your boat.
  2. Always purge the fuel left in the fuel line into a container before you plug the fuel line into your motor. Fuel deteriorates very quickly when left in the fuel line as a chemical reaction takes place between the rubber and the fuel, making the fuel very skanky.
  3. After using your outboard, unplug the fuel line from the outboard and let the outboard run dry, this will empty the carburettor of fuel. If possible, depress the valve on the fuel connector on the motor. This will empty the fuel lines, and fuel filter of fuel. Do not do this with fuel injected motors. Always remember to turn the ignition switch off when the motor has run dry and stopped.
  4. Always close the fuel tank vent when not in use.
  5. Use a fuel stabiliser such as Quicksilver Quickstor if your fuel is not going to be used frequently, available from most outboard dealers. Part Number 92-8M0079745
  6. We hope this information will help you to keep your motor running in tip top condition